1. Join our community

Make sure you’re a part of Voy Community, only our community members have access to Voy Referral program.
It’s free and easy to





Q: How much do I get paid?
A: USD 500 per person hired.

Q: What is Voy Community?
A: our candidate database.

Q: Can I be a part of Voy Community even if I’m not actively looking for a new job?
A: Yes, it’s forever free, a great way to stay connected, get inspiration, work/life-hacks and more.

Q: Will i get paid if i refer a friend that is already in Voy community?
A: No, only new referrals qualify for referral bonus.

Q: When is the person I referred considered hired? 
A: When the employment contract with his/her new employer is signed. 

Q: How will I get paid?
A: via Bank Transfer or PayPal.

2. Share & Apply

When you realize you know the perfect person for a Voy job, start by sharing it. 
Your friend applies via Voytalent.com,

stating your name as “referred by” in the application form.


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Q: How do I review/update my contact information? 
A: just send an email with your new information to hello@voytalent.com.

Q: How does Voy know who referred the person?
A: Make sure the person applying referring states your name on the online application in the “referred by” field. Otherwise, we have no record of the referral.

Q: Can the person applying state my name as “referred by” after submitting the application? A: No, this can not be done once the application is submitted.

Q Can I refer someone that is already in Voy Community?
A: No, referral bonus is only for new applicants. This means that the person you refer can not be part of voy community at the time of application.


3.Every-body wins! 

If the person you referred gets hired you get a cash bonus.







Q: Can I get a gift card or other forms of payment?
A: No, unfortunately not.

Q: How will I know if the person gets a job?
A: We will reach out after the employment contract is signed.

Q: Can I affect the selection or hiring process in any way?
A: Nope, any attempts to do so will disqualify you from receiving the referral bonus.

Q: What if the person I’ve referred gets a job from Voy and I don’t hear anything within a month?
A: Feel free to contact us on hello@voytalent.com.

Q: When do I get my bonus?
A: Within 100 days after signed employment contract with reservation for exceptional circumstances.